Lady in lights art photoshooting

Portrait photo shoot in Charlotte, NC

As a portrait photographer based in Charlotte, I have a passion for creating beautiful and captivating portraits that truly reflect the essence of my clients. And instead of relying on traditional studio light sources, I prefer to take a unique and imaginative approach to my photo shoots by using improvised artificial light sources.

I position the lights in such a way as to highlight their eyes, and create interesting shadows that add depth to the image. This allows me to capture my clients in a truly personal and original way, creating portraits that are unlike anything else.

Working with improvised artificial light sources offers my clients a truly unique and personalized experience. Whether they’re looking for a high-contrast portrait with dramatic lighting, or a soft, intimate portrait with a warm and inviting atmosphere, I use my imaginative approach to bring their vision to life.

If you’re looking for a portrait photographer in Charlotte who takes a truly imaginative and creative approach to their work, look no further. Get in touch today to experience the magic of portrait art photography with me.

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